Welcome to Good Vibes Music Shop!


Good Vibes is a group of people that love music! Some of us are musicians, all are audiophiles. Good Vibes was born out of our passion for music and wanting to share music with the world. We opened our retail shop in 2020 after several years of dealing in instruments as a hobby business. We stand for all things that give good vibes. We are all inclusive and welcoming to all music lovers and musicians, from the novice to the professional, we value our 'chill atmosphere' and are nonjudgemental. 


We are all encompassing of all areas and genres of music. Our atmosphere is warm and welcoming; no snooty employees here! Our staff is passionate about music and it shows. We give the most personalized, attentive service around. We aren't just a place to come buy things, we want to turn our customers into friends...Stop in and come talk music with us!




~Good Vibes

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